Saturday, March 15, 2008

Aloe colour the difference in habitat vs. the garden. 
The aloe rosettes shades of pink browns and greens are interesting and attractive in the garden. In the habitat those same shades hide the plants. The previous blog shows the aloes in the garden, here are a few of the aloes in habitat.

Aloe microstigma. In the garden this aloe stands out, here it disapears.

Aloe hereroensis ad a very special effect to a garden, but it is not an easy garden plant. Aloe hereroensis does not like to be wet and it needs good drainage. Plant it on stones in the garden in the sun and do not water. The rain, whatever it is will be enough. I know this and I  killed a few.
This way is easier and more successful in the garden. Giving very light but regular watering so that the plant does not go dormant is better than no water and then starting to water at the wrong time.
 The wrong time is -
when the plant is dormant it should be stimulated
first with very little water when the temperature drops. Never water on a hot day (that is true for most plants) Very little water until it shows signs of growing, it can then be watered freely as long as the drainage is good.

Aloe khamiesensis in the same color as the stones! This aloe is also very attractive in the garden but it will be green in colour unless it is watered very little and in full sun. In the habitat the seeds will get stuck under the bushes and the young aloe will grow in shade until it is large enough to face the scorching heat.


Surya said...

Great Red Aloe. I have Aloe vera in my garden.

Esther Montgomery said...


I found your blog through Blotanical.

Living in Dorset (on the South Coast of England) as I do, the plants you have in your photos are quite extraordinary and 'different' to my eyes.

Very interesting!

Esther Montgomery

Esther Montgomery said...

Came back, looking for more aloes in the desert - but enjoyed looking at these again!


P.S. Thanks for your encouraging note on ESTHER IN THE GARDEN

naoto said...

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I linked your blog thank you.

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Anonymous said...
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Linda Lunda said...

WOW! What a nice blogg you got here! It´s so exaiting to reas about you and your garden being so far away as a am.
Have a nice day... I belev you are sleping now?

Pomona Belvedere said...

It's so great to see these aloes in their environments, thanks for sharing these pictures. I have seen a red aloe somaliensis at Huntington Gardens (southern California), but I never thought about its surroundings--I bet it comes from a red-clay place like the one you show here. Wonder why I never thought of that, given that I live with red clay also.

I learned lots here! Looking forward to more.