Friday, February 27, 2009

planting under the big tree.

Like most hobbies there is just as much fun in the getting as in the having.  It is exciting to plant small portions of our hobby garden at a time.  Afterwards  we enjoy the memories how and when we got the plants. Some planning and designing went into it, but not anything intelligent e.g. by region, climate or species.
My next project is to create a garden under the Ceratonia siliqua  tree. Half belongs to Rudi (neatly divided like the rest of the garden). I have no idea what his half would look like, my half is for my smaller aloes and
Gasteria as these plants usually grow in the shade of rocks or bushes and this shady space will suite them well.

Giving some idea of the size of the tree. The space beneath
it is a circle about ten metres wide. (15360 bytes)
The outside branches of the tree bend down to the ground
forming a secluded area around the tree, but these branches
had to be removed as the aloes would want some direct sun. (16591 bytes)
The area around the tree was overgrown by trifasciata
which we cleared and replanted elsewhere. The leaves of the
Sansevieria sp. grew dense and long in the shade supporting
each other. Having removed some plants the rest to toppled
over but all will go. (19402 bytes)
Some nice logs to use for decoration. Watch this space !

but the unexpected is what happens in life
missed window.jpg (30746 bytes)
Without warning the tree fell over.  No harm done. The tree hit the corner of the roof  damaging the gutter, but missed the window.
My daughter and I in front of the tree.
for.size.jpg (49523 bytes)
Full grown grandson lying on a sidestem for size.
branch. now. dry.jpg (71791 bytes)
The same branch now without any leaves or life.
... but life goes on.