Saturday, December 05, 2009

The garden changes in time and season.  Take photos of the garden in the same way as taking photos of kids growing up. It is not obvious from day to day,  but looking back on the photos there are differences and a lot of memories.
The aloes in bloom. All aloes do not bloom at the same time, but most from the summer rainfall area, bloom in winter. ( the seeds will be ready for summer rain)  That is about 90% of the species in South Africa
The scene is calm and pretty,
the mesembs and daisies are not in bloom yet.
Now the mesembs and daisies are in bloom too. The last blooms on the racemes of the red hybrid (Aloe ferox X Aloe arborescens) are opening.
It is a carnival of color and some visitors are having a ball.  These glittering little bugs are harmless to the flowers. They live on nectar and pollen, assisting in the pollination of the plants in dry harsh ecosystems where there are not many bees.