Saturday, February 24, 2007

I got tagged by mediterranean garden spain, so I had to jump on the www and find out how this blog game is played.
It does not seem complicated:- tell 5 things that other bloggers do not know about yourself and tag 5 bloggers.
The 5 things are not quite so easy, I do not want to reveal personal secrets but I do not want to seem dull either.
1. After I married my first hobby was cutting and polishing semi precious stones. My husband soon got fed up that I spend too much time on it, so it did not last long - about 3 years.
2. My second hobby was aquariums (I had a fishbowl before I got married) I upgraded to a whole room full of aquariums and no amount of threats could get me off it until we retired. I wrote a book on aquariums, in the days of black and white.
3. I spent 13 years at home after marriage and that was no joke. I will rather work for a salary and pay somebody to clean the house. I am no good at housekeeping.
4. I like reading science fiction to relax. My favourite author is Izak Assimov and in contrast for my other self, I love to read Somerset Maugham and after I read them all, I start over. As I do not read fiction often, those authors last me years.
5. I am married to the same man for 40+ years (peleeze my age is a secret, that is near enough). I have never met a man with whom I even thought I would rather be married to.
I hope this is juicy enough. Now to get 5 bloggers !
I got 5 bloggers but only these are still going strong.

Janet's Garden
gardening blog that I hope will be informative and useful

Mo garden
Gardening with Mo Gilmer

Saturday, February 10, 2007

green gardening love
We never thought much of Valentine day. Seems like one more way for people to make or spend money and love should be year round. However when I saw this old holiday photo today and I saw the heart at the end of the tunnel I decided to share it with all the garden and plant lovers.

May your love for gardening last forever.

And so say all of us....