Saturday, February 24, 2007

I got tagged by mediterranean garden spain, so I had to jump on the www and find out how this blog game is played.
It does not seem complicated:- tell 5 things that other bloggers do not know about yourself and tag 5 bloggers.
The 5 things are not quite so easy, I do not want to reveal personal secrets but I do not want to seem dull either.
1. After I married my first hobby was cutting and polishing semi precious stones. My husband soon got fed up that I spend too much time on it, so it did not last long - about 3 years.
2. My second hobby was aquariums (I had a fishbowl before I got married) I upgraded to a whole room full of aquariums and no amount of threats could get me off it until we retired. I wrote a book on aquariums, in the days of black and white.
3. I spent 13 years at home after marriage and that was no joke. I will rather work for a salary and pay somebody to clean the house. I am no good at housekeeping.
4. I like reading science fiction to relax. My favourite author is Izak Assimov and in contrast for my other self, I love to read Somerset Maugham and after I read them all, I start over. As I do not read fiction often, those authors last me years.
5. I am married to the same man for 40+ years (peleeze my age is a secret, that is near enough). I have never met a man with whom I even thought I would rather be married to.
I hope this is juicy enough. Now to get 5 bloggers !
I got 5 bloggers but only these are still going strong.

Janet's Garden
gardening blog that I hope will be informative and useful

Mo garden
Gardening with Mo Gilmer

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