Saturday, March 10, 2007

This orchid Eulophia petersii which grows widespread in eastern Africa is very happy in the aloe garden. The plants are doing well under trees where they do not get or need any special attention. The relative small flowers look charming with the curling petals.
My mother got these orchids from a Fauna&Flora rescue expedition where a road would be built Natal. I did not take any plants as I always thought they would be difficult until about three years ago when I decided to give them a try.

The orchids bloomed in our garden for the first time December 2006, the same month my mother died. I spent 2 weeks with her and then 2-3 days after I returned I found the orchids hidden under the tree in full bloom. The first thing I thought was I have to phone Mom and tell her ... then I realized I can not phone her anymore.


Anonymous said...

Very poignant story. Very intresting plant and a favourite of mine.


steve_nova said...

Wonderful species of Orchid.