Sunday, March 18, 2007

Stop a minute to smell the rosesIt is an honor to be too busy to smell roses after the age of 60 years. I have so much to do, never worked so physically hard in my life and never realized how lucky I am being able to do it.
The photo below was taken by Sandra Legg who is now the Mom of this boy who likes to smell roses.

Not even a dog is too tough to resist the beauty of a rose!
Between you and me, that rose lasted a few minutes. This dog belongs to our son-in-law and our grand daughter Else took the photo, she is a real sport to do things with grandma.
I think I should introduce Else to you

One thing about retirement bothers me - time passes so fast ! The week is at the most 2 days long, a good month has one week and I will not mention how quick a year flies by.
They say that doing something new is important at this stage. Come to think of it - A year feels very long for a child because there are so many new things that the child experience and do, but at this stage of my life new things are either very expensive or against the law. joking, but it is very near to the truth .. sigh..

I did smell the roses after I finished the earnest task of taking a photo. This photo was taken in England visiting my son. That was a lovely visit. Now how do I get my other son into the USA so that I can smell roses there too.


Gotta Garden said...

You made me laugh! That's so true about time, just flying by on us! One of my dogs actually does stick her nose in and smell the roses! Cute pictures!

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

I understand the time thing, and I am not even retired yet, I wish I were! LOVE the dog picture, I have a picture of my boxer, Jessi Belle, smelling roses.

Henny said...

Oh what a wondful mixture
roses, cats and the wonderful dog!
Happy Easter from Austria!

Henny said...

excuse me i sent it twice!

ericat said...

that is no problem Henny. I can read those nice compliments more than twice. :-D

Thank you ever so much to gotta garden and iowa gardening woman for your comments. I visit your sites in return and enjoyed it.