Monday, August 02, 2010

Orange slime for Gisela.
If you have some info on this then we can add it here. 
Let me know if you want the larger photos and I will email it to you.

I saw it only once - early morning.  By midday the
bubbles have all "melted" into a thin  layer of orange liquid.

If I had a scientific mind I would not have picked it up
but I wanted to have a closer look and did not realize it was so very fragile.

There was no sign that the slime damaged the plant in any way.  This was large enough to fill my hand -   "fist size".


Julie said...

WOW...amazing slime!!! I am trying to figure out which Euphorbia this is...will check my ID books with a leaf like this one. I Love Euphorbias...just watch out for that horrid sap...don't get it in your eyes!!!

ericat said...

I know about the sap/latex. Added some comment and photo in the next blog for you.