Thursday, March 18, 2010

This rock garden is excellent for a veranda, balcony or indoor.

The plants are in pots hidden by the stones. To reduce the weight on a balcony -  place polysterine foam around the pots which then need only a single layer stones to cover it.
Scatter small pebbles between the stones to fill gaps and holes.
Bright lights are needed to grow the succulent plants in this eye-catching indoor rock garden.


Julie said...

Oh, this is brilliant!!! Love the look of it too...very rustic! I may give this a go!!!

Darla said...

This is so clever!

donna said...

Hello South Africa - I came here via
She liked the way you left the succulents in pots and covered the pots with stones. I do, too.


Jacki said...

The rock is gorgeous - what is that, some kind of shale? Great colour combination with the purple and orange.

Meryem said...

Hi Eurica I am Meryem From Turkey. You have wonderful blog.

ericat said...

Thank you for your comments. What I enjoy most is to visit your sites. The sites are so special and well done. It seems the sites which find me is better than those I go and look for. ;~) I left a message for you.
Yes Jack that is just normal stones (shale). No semi-precious stones from Namibia there.
Meryem do I know you? I sent some seeds to Meryem in Turkey and got some lovely gifts in return. That was some years ago.
greetings to all

Tabletop Fountains said...

Love it. It dresses up the balcony and is quite the space saver!!

"Guppy" Honaker said...

Eurica - your aloe garden is BEAUTIFUL! I love to garden too, and here in Phoenix (Arizona, USA) aloe grows very well. Unfortunately, my two small grandchildren have a way of pulling out plants they like best to give to their Mommy!

- David

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