Sunday, July 15, 2007

The cotyledon succulent flowering plant for the garden
There are about nine species in the Cotyledon genus of which five are in Namaqualand. This plant is very easy to grow, it flowers well and the birds love the nectar.
The leaves are covered more or less by a wax layer which change the green to different shades from dark green (no wax) to blue-green and near to white. The shape of the leaves are also different and the color of the flowers are shades of pink, red and orange. This makes it possible to have an interesting water saving low maintenance garden with mainly Cotyledon.
These photos are from plants in my garden. I do not know their scientific data and I do not feel that it is important for me to know as there is no need to read up on growing or cultivating them. In any case, the garden plants will be mainly hybrids of different Cotyledon species. The sugar birds are the main polinaters and they can fly far and wide with the pollen. The only maintenance I do is to cut back the plants during or after the rain season.
The Cotyledon plants bloom throughout the year, but not as much as they do in the rain season. We do not water them at all during the dry hot summer.

Happy colors.

The color was known as "baby-pink ".  Just a thought  -  It will be interesting to know what the colour known as "baby-pink " would be in modern times.

Cotyledon soften the formal effect of the aloes.

This is a small Cotyledon species. The yellow-green emphasize the blue-green of the aloes.


Nicole said...

Wow, those aloe flowers are really lovely,i wish i could get some plants! I have 4 varieties of aloes,now.

Florist said...

Very beautiful!

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