Saturday, June 10, 2006

 Aloes can be enjoyed as a hobby in pots in a room or on a farm - there is more - a fancy or plain container can make a big change in a garden, in fact a garden can be made entirely in containers or pots only (save on weeding).

Aloes do well as pot plants because they do not need a lot of soil around the roots  and Aloes in containers can make very decorative indoor house plants.
Potted aloes can be left without watering for long times
which is very convenient when going on a holiday
Aloe plants which would have been impossible to grow because of cold or too much rain can grow in pots and containers both outside and as indoor house plants. When the weather is bad the potted aloe plants can be brought indoors for a special effect.

How to plant.
Use normal potting soil and mix with about 50% soil with small stones, broken pottery or the loose pieces of packing material(if light weight is needed) for very good drainage.
 photo top of page is by Scot Ross
The containers, plants and photo is from Ben Botha.

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