Sunday, May 07, 2006

An aloe is not just a succulent plant with orange flowers and teeth around the edges of the leaves - Aloes differ in the shape of the rosette and the shape of the racemes with the flowers being anything in white, yellow, orange, red, green, and any combination of these colors or shades of these colors. More than slightly different to the idea that an aloe has orange flowers.

The aloe species bloom at different times so that it is possible to have an aloe in bloom in the garden throughout the year. They will grow in rocky ground or under trees where most other plants suffer.

Aloes are associated with health. Enjoy the flowers and use the gel. Enjoy the flowers and use the gel to make your own fresh skin cream. Cut the leaf like you would slice a carrot. Peel off the dark green outer skin. Keep the clear very slippery gel. The gel has no taste, the bitter taste associated with aloes comes from the green outside layer which excrete a greenish very bitter sap.  Rub the gel through a sieve and use the fresh gel on your face and neck. It has a cool refreshing feeling and dries quickly to form a silky layer that will protect the skin. The gel can also be mixed into a cream lotion for a quality hand or body cream.  There are no preservatives in the gel. Cut a small ring from the leaf to use immediately and keep the lotion in the fridge. The gel lasts weeks when left in the leaf in a dry place

That is not all ..... Established plants can survive for months without water. No need to worry about going on holiday. It is better to leave the plants dry than to get somebody who do not love them, they are very sensitive to that.

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